Solar Sahelis and Pay-As-You-Go Solar

In rural Rajasthan, women are being trained to help households gain access to clean energy solutions through an initiative called Solar Sahelis. These Solar Sahelis are keen on bringing solar home systems to their villages, through a loan and technology solution. The grant is providing the opportunity to train Solar Sahelis to educate, assess demand, and help install solar systems with a lending model that will test Pay-As-You-Go as the assistance for financing risks. The grant will train 20 Solar Sahelis who will target 100 households to gain access to home systems and collect 100% repayment in a year. The Sahelis are located in the poorest district of Rajasthan, Dholpur, so are also helping households to enable electricity to their homes, and provide an ability for women to earn income through energy access.