What we do

"Energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth, increased social equity, and an environment that allows the world to thrive"

- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

In the UK, it is unimaginable to live a life without electricity and yet that is the reality for 1 in 5 people globally today.

Without access to energy, it is almost impossible for people to lift themselves out of poverty.

From starting school to starting a business, access to energy gives people the chance to switch on opportunities that can transform life for them, their families and their community.

Access to energy switches on:

  • Economic activity
  • Education
  • Better health
  • Pumps for clean water
  • Improved equality for women and girls

That is why we want to bring clean energy to 1 million people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to electricity – switching on 1 million new opportunities for a more positive world.

 We do this by working with highly respected local charitable partners, such as SELCO in India, to connect off-grid households.

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